A note from Editor-in-chief Paula Goldstein

American is Unashamed, Over the Top, OverConfident, Really Big, Really Loud, Trashy, Often Stupid, Overfed, Malnourished, Tacky, Garish and Dangerously Self-possessed. 


It is also Brave, Independent, Inspiring, The Land of the Free, It has a Dream, It's Been to the Moon and Back, It has Deserts, Mountains, Jungles, and Grizzly Bears, It Invented the Internet, My iPhone and Fried Chicken & Waffles.

Scrapbook of America by Voyage D’etudes is my collection of images, stories, moments, art, people, and places that make America one of the most addictively inspiring places on earth.

Part Art Book, Part Zine, Part Diary

It has come together as a project handcrafted with love - each page drawn, photographed, painted, cut out, and put together with gluey fingers and some very stressful times at typewriters, with lots of help from my friends - particularly Voyage's #globalgirlgang.

Starting with cover girls Langley Hemingway and Rebecca Dayan in a rainbow of images from flashing trucks to giving new moon blessings in Big Sur. The scrapbook includes Veteran journalist Larry Grobel's report on protesting for Civil Rights, as well as Dolly Parton’s memories of growing up in Tennessee.  Photographers capture Life and love on the mean streets of New York. There are the Kennedy’s most “Kick” ass women. Willy Chirino tells the story of Miami Cubans and the Pedro Pans. We look at why Walt Disney wasn't all a fairy tale and Harper Simon shares stories from Harry Dean Stanton, Angelica Huston and Buck Henry.

Other contributions include : The man who went to the moon, Buzz Aldrin, American icon Barbie, American Girl Bonnie McKim, Father John Misty, SZA, Guy Blakesee and Alison Mossheart give us state to state soundtracks. And we hear from a hard core gang of female badasses like Kassia Meador, Pamela Love, Sarah Sophie Flicker, Caitlin Fitzgerald, Stacey Bendent, Mara Hoffman, and Shannon Woodward. Photography from Guy Aroch, Olivier Zahm, Niall O’brien, Myla Dalbesio, Marianna Rothen, Todd Cole, Amanda Charchian and many more.

Paula Goldstein xx